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About V Square Training Academy

V Square Training Academy is the place for preparation, coaching & training institute for GRE®, SAT®, TOEFL®, IELTS Test & Admissions. We offer classes and tutorials to help you achieve your goal. We give you the guidance, counselling, information, practice tests, learning tips and study materials.


V Square Training Academy understand its importance and hence strive to ensure that dreams of our student are fulfilled. We help them to grow by designing best career plan suitable for each individual.


Ms. Vijayalakshmi, Managing Director, is an M.A in English and holds a Ph.D in Language Teaching. She is a well experienced multi-talented personality. With her co-operative and intellectual talents, she heads V Square in Training, Development, Verification and Consultancy.

Ms.B.Vijayalakshmi M.A., Ph.D, is a Research Scholar in English Language Teaching, holding 20 years experience of her teaching career as the Head of the Department in various Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu. She is a trainer and also a Managing Director of a company of her own. She is a teacher, trainer and a counselor too. She trains the trainers, corporate, executives, students, professionals etc. She has presented four papers in the International conferences and 5 papers in the National conferences held at many colleges in Tamil Nadu. She has been as a Chief Guest for many occasions. She is also associated with many language centers for Guest Lectures. She is also a member to deliver lectures in the Universities in Tamil Nadu for Correspondence courses (Distant Education) and also Regular Stream of Engineering professionals.

Vijayalakshmi is a cheerful person with hearty love towards all the living beings in this universe. She is proud to be a woman holding distinct role as a deserving daughter, a loving mother of two cute boys, a dedicated wife, a loyal teacher and blossoming snow to all her friends. She is a straight forward person, very soft, friendly and outspoken personality. She is a good teacher with distinct qualities that all her students and colleagues love and await for her sessions. She is a very practical person who can handle any type of people in any kind of situation.

Our Location & Centers :

V Square Training Academy has all India presence, with its registered office located at Chennai. We propose to build & grow pan India with our clients, as their needs and necessities develop & Increase. We at V Square provide services and solutions to our student needs and satisfaction and their success.